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The Main Manifestations Of Abnormal Flow In The Hydraulic System Are:

- Apr 15, 2017 -

1, due to filter clogging and other reasons, so that the hydraulic pump oil shortage, the hydraulic system lack of oil, resulting in slow or no action mechanism of action, resulting in the implementation of institutional movement failure or even out of control.

2, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic valves or pressure pipelines, such as the leakage, not only in vain to increase fuel consumption, but also do not work pressure, so that the output of the work force is insufficient, even when the leakage is not strong pressure.

3, the frequent fluctuations in the flow of the system increased the vibration and noise, while the filter filter performance significantly reduced, the results of the pollution of the oil can not be controlled at a predetermined level, a serious threat to the normal operation of the hydraulic system. When the flow pulse is large, will cause hydraulic shock, which is the main reason for the damage of some hydraulic equipment.

4, when the hydraulic system, some of the components of the leakage is too large, the hydraulic oil pressure can be converted into heat. If the capacity of the cooling device is limited or the heat dissipation is poor, the equilibrium temperature of the hydraulic oil increases, resulting in a short period of time the oil temperature is too high, the viscosity of the oil decreases, further increases the leakage, resulting in a significant reduction in volumetric efficiency and overall system efficiency Rubber seals, hoses and other early aging, loss of function. The speed of the actuator in the hydraulic system should meet the specified speed range, requiring no crawling at low speed, no hydraulic shock at high speed; smooth speed switching, small change in the case of variable load and so on.