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Application Of Hydraulic System In Scraper

- Apr 15, 2017 -

The main components are: body, power system, transmission system, hydraulic system and electrical system 5, the main hydraulic system mainly by the working system, steering system, brake system and the cable system And so on.

(1) the working system is used for scraper loading and unloading work, is through the arm lift, bucket flip to complete. The working system consists of a filter, an oil pump, a multi-way valve lift cylinder and a bucket cylinder.

(2) steering system from the steering pump, relief valve, steering valve and steering cylinder and other components.

(3) Brake system is used to control the speed and stop of the scraper, to avoid accidental damage and casualties, by the pressure valve, accumulator, pressure switch, brake valve, brake cylinder, parking brake valve, Solenoid valve and spring brake cylinder and other components.

(4) The cable system is used to control the cable entrainment or release according to the direction of travel during the running of the scraper and to keep the cable in a certain tension. The cable system consists of roller pump, cable control valve, cable motor and manual valve and other components.