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What are the advantages of explosion-proof solenoid valves?

- Jul 19, 2018 -

Explosion-proof solenoid valves are all enclosed in a casing that may ignite the explosive gas mixture. The casing may be subjected to any joint or layout clearance through the casing. The flammable mixture penetrating into the casing will explode inside without damage, and It can cause external ignition of an explosive environment formed by one or more gases or vapors.

1, explosion-proof solenoid valve has a long working life.

2, explosion-proof solenoid valve working system

It is divided into long-term work system, repeated short-time work system and short-time work system.

Explosion-proof solenoid valves are long-term working systems, that is, the coils allow long-term energization.

For the case where the valve opening is only closed for a short time, the normally open solenoid valve should be used.

When used in short-time work and large batch sizes, you can make extraordinary orders to reduce power consumption.

3, explosion-proof solenoid valve operating frequency

When the operating frequency requirement is high, the layout should preferably be a direct-acting solenoid valve, and the power supply is preferably communicated.