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Explosion-proof solenoid valve instructions

- Nov 22, 2018 -

High pressure explosion-proof solenoid valve

1. Check whether there is an explosion-proof mark before installation. If so, whether the explosion-proof mark is compatible with the dangerous place.

2. Check that the power supply and voltage must be consistent with the nameplate mark. The AC type coil must not be energized at no load. Because the coil is internally equipped with an overcurrent protection device, when the no-load is energized, the current increases several times, and the overcurrent protection acts instantaneously, resulting in The coil is open; in addition, an overvoltage protection device is provided in the coil. When the voltage exceeds 20% of the rated voltage, the protection device will be caused to operate, resulting in permanent disconnection of the coil.

3. The power must be cut off during inspection or repair.

4. The coil introduction cable is a 3-core cable. The yellow-green color or black is the grounding wire. The grounding wire must be grounded reliably. Do not connect to the power supply. Otherwise, there is danger of electric leakage and electric shock.